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Due Diligence Co-Pilot is revolutionizing private equity with

AI-driven automation, fueling your journey to superior returns

through every stage of the investment lifecycle.

Our Market

Growing Market: The market for AI in private equity is projected to reach $25.6 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 30.4%(Source:MarketsandMarkets).

74% of private equity firms believe AI will revolutionize due diligence within the next 5 years (Source: PwC, 2023).

AI could cut due diligence costs by up to 30% for private equity firms (Source: McKinsey & Company, 2023).

The Problem


Subject Bias

Manual document review and risk assessment are prone to human biases and inconsistencies, jeopardizing decision quality.


Slow and Inefficient

Traditional analysis methods

are time-consuming and cumbersome, delaying fundraising,

deal execution, and investment decisions.


Limited Data Insight

Inability to effectively analyze vast amounts of data leads to missed opportunities and uninformed risk assessments.


Feed Back

general related to the quality

of their deal and why the deal is going to proceed or not


The Solution

Reduce human error as the AI platform learns the investment thesis, throttles the variables of a scorecard accordingly and then it processes the information via a workflow/URL process and provides a scorecard and data room that allows analysts to spend their time reviewing higher quality deals, via a more efficient process.

Key Insights

Extract key insights from mountains of data, generate comprehensive risk assessments, and make informed decisions in record time

Advanced Due Diligence

Automate document review, extract key financial and operational data, and generate risk assessments for faster, more informed decisions.

Lower Costs

Automation lowers operational costs, allowing the fund to accomplish more, while ultimately improving returns for investors.

Review more deals

Automation allows for existing resources to have the time necessary to assess more deals of higher quality.

Our Team

Dr. Craig Farrel

Chief Technical Officer

Ridaa Murad

Managing Director

Dipak Shah

Managing Partner

Jeff Luzzi

Managing Director


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